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Unleash your sensuality, confidence & Goddess connection, these amazing sacred oils awaken your inner fire and passion. Be prepared to be treated like royalty when you put this on:) This blend of essential oils also calms the heart and mind and brings tranquility and Joy!
Contains a subtle yet powerful blend of magical aphrodisiac oils including Organic Chocolate, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Sage, Yarrow, Ylang-ylang, Blue Tansy and Owl Totem Animal Scent, in a base of Jojoba oil. Luscious, complex scent changes on everyone, smells amazing on women and men! Apply to heart and behind ears for activating your vitality, passion, attraction, enhancing sensual feelings, mental peace and openness to complete Bliss. Use with a partner for massage and experience aphrodisiac powers of bliss and divine sensual connection beyond your wildest dreams!

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