Spring Mysteries Weekend-Magical Marketplace

April 18- 21st 12 noon
Fort Flagler Nordland, Wa.

Since 1985, Aquarian Tabernacle Church has been recreating the Eleusian Mysteries held in Ancient Greece. These mysteries, held every year in honor of Demeter and Persephone, explore universal concepts and truths from the perspective of the seeker of hidden knowledge. Our Priests and Priestesses spend 3-4 months preparing for the festival, working with the energies of the Gods and rehearsing the ritual drama that is presented over 4 days for 200 people each Easter Weekend.

Though the main portions of the event focus on Greek deities, there are many workshops and other groups that bring a plethora of alternate ways to explore, including the general mysteries of women, men and those who identify as a mixture of both energies. There is also a vendors space, with many often-requested items and trinkets to take home, and plenty of space for conversations or introspective moments.

Everyone who attends will come away transformed and with wonderful memories of their time in Eleusis.

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