Aromatherapy for Pain and Anxiety

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April 25th 7-8:30 pm
Spa Eir in kirkland, Wa.

How to help yourself naturally with essential oils workshop. These remedies can aid in relief of Stress, insomnia, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, nightmares, sleep disorders, headaches & migraines. These are all symptoms of anxiety & stress on the emotions, body, mind and spirit. Topical application of essential oils in a carrier oil such as Jojoba, coconut or sesame oil is an easy and natural way to treat these issues. We will discuss commonly used oils such as Lavender, Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Rosemary, Rose, Chamomile, Clarysage, Cobaiba balsam(Copal), Sandalwood,Frankincense. Learn how to apply therapeutic massage oils to your body for healing injuries, pain relief and prevention of disease. We will discuss many applications of these oils for relieving nerve pain & damage, injuries to muscles, joints and bones, nerve pain relief and regeneration, digestive discomforts, migraines/headaches, anti-Inflammatory applications and an open question timeWe will take home notes on safe application,essential oil drops per oz. of carrier oil and how to use them at home. Class fee of $40 includes supplies to make 1/3 oz. organic rollon massage oil

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